Village of Sussex Corner

The Village of Sussex Corner is situated in the center of a triangle whose apices are the cities of Fredericton, Saint John, and Moncton, the three largest cities of New Brunswick. Sussex Corner is connected to each of these major urban areas by a four-lane, controlled-access highway (except for a 40 km stretch of the route to Fredericton) and each city is about one hour’s driving distance from the Corner. More and more residents of Sussex Corner are commuting to these cities each day to work, and are therefore making the Corner a part of each city’s “commuter shed.”


The population of the Village was 1,413 in the 2006 census of Canada. This was an increase of 92 citizens (or 7.0 per cent) from the 2001 census population of 1,321. The municipality has a land area of 9.43 square km with a population density of 149.9 citizens/square km. The Village’s population growth between 2001 and 2006 (expressed as a percentage) was higher than any other community in Kings County, including the Town of Sussex which abuts Sussex Corner on the west. The population of Sussex was 4,241 in 2006, up only 1.4 percent from the 2001 population of 4,182. That municipality has a land area of 9.03 square km and a population density of 469.5/square km.

In addition to a mayor and five councilors, the administrative structure of the Village of Sussex Corner comprises a clerk-treasurer, an administrative clerk, a works supervisor and two technicians. The duties of Development Officer and Building Inspector are carried out by the Royal District Planning Commission which provides all planning and development services for the Corner, such as land-use zonings, re-zonings, variances, and subdivision approvals.

Sussex Corner is primarily residential in nature, with a limited number of commercial and industrial establishments. The largest institutional land use is the Sussex Corner Elementary School on Dutch Valley Road. Other institutional uses include the United, Anglican, and Jehovah’s Witnesses churches and the Holy Trinity Cemetery (informally called the Sussex Corner Cemetery or Spicer’s Field). Public recreational areas include a ballfield, an outdoor rink, an archery range, three parks with playgrounds, and a walking trail alongside Trout Creek.

A complete water and sanitary-sewer collection system serves most of Sussex Corner, with a few minor exceptions. Three wells supply the water system and are protected against contamination from incompatible land uses by a provincially-designated Wellfield Protection Zone. Village sewage is pumped to and treated at the Town of Sussex sewage treatment plant. The cost to a Village resident for sewer and water service is approximately one dollar per day.

The Village of Sussex Corner provides door-to-door pickup of household and business waste through a local contractor. Waste is separated by residents and businesses according to the wet/dry (green/blue) program. The waste is transported to a transfer station in Sussex and then to a landfill facility on the outskirts of Moncton.

Postal service for Sussex Corner is provided from a post office located in the center of the Village.