Council and Staff

Village Council is comprised of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and four Councillors all of whom are elected to serve a four year term representing the citizens of Sussex Corner.

The Village Council holds a regular meeting on the 3rd Tuesday evening of each month commencing at 7:00 pm at the Village Hall. Council may also convene for special meetings as the need arises.

The current members of Village Council are as follows:


Mayor: Mark K. Flewwelling

Mr. Flewwelling is serving his first term as Mayor. In addition to his primary responsibilities as Mayor, he also serves as a member of all Council appointed committees, and is also the Village representative on the Regional Service Commission 8 Board.

You can reach the Mayor via email:


Deputy Mayor: Catherine MacLeod

Mrs. MacLeod is serving her first term as Deputy Mayor, and assumes all responsibility and authority of the Mayor in his absence. Mrs. MacLeod is the chair of the Council appointed Public Relations/Tourism Committee; and also represents the Village on the Sussex & District Chamber of Commerce, Regional Service Commission 8 Board, Regional Service Commission 8 Storm Water, and the Union of Municipalities of NB.

You can reach Mrs MacLeod via email:

Councillor: Harley Hunt

Mr. Hunt is serving his second term on Village Council. Mr. Hunt represents the Village on the Regional Service Commission 8 PRAC.

You can reach Mr. Hunt via email:

Councillor: Doug Bobbitt

Mr. Bobbitt is serving his first term on Village Council. He is the chair for the Council appointed Operations Committee.

You can reach Mr. Bobbitt via email:

Councillor: Sharon Loder

Ms. Loder is serving her second term on Village Council. Ms. Loder is the chair for the Council appointed Recreation Committee.

You can reach Ms. Loder via email:

Councillor: Patsy Shay

Mrs. Shay is serving her second term on Village Council. Mrs. Shay represents the Village on the Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee and the PotashCorp Civic Centre Committee.

You can reach Mrs. Shay via email:


The Village employs six full time employees. During the summer months, the Village also supports the youth of the community by hiring a number of summer students to assist the full time staff with the completion of summer programs. The full time members of Village Staff include:

Works Supervisor: Rod Holland

Mr. Holland joined the Village Works Dept in May 1998.  Rod is responsible for the overall operation of the public works   department as well as the management and control of water, sewer and storm systems for the Village of Sussex Corner.

You can reach Mr. Holland via email:

Works Department: Randy Coates

Mr. Coates joined the Works Department in May, 2014.

Randy is responsible for general outside maintenance in the Village. 

Clerk Treasurer: Don Smith

Mr. Smith joined the Village in July 2004.  Don is responsible for the overall management of all accounting and financial operations of the Village including budgets, capital borrowing, etc. He is also responsible for the creation and distribution of all public documents including agreements, contracts, bylaws, minutes, reports and official correspondence.

You can reach Mr. Smith via email:

Administrative Clerk: Debbie Otis

Mrs. Otis joined the administration team in August 2016.  Debbie is the first person you see or speak with when you come into the Village office.  She is responsible for running the day to day business of the Village, she is the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable clerk as well as the Payroll administrator.  

You can reach Mrs. Otis via email: or or by calling 433-5184 Monday - Thursday.


1067 Main Street, Sussex Corner, New BrunswickE4E 3A1T: (506) 433-5184F: (506)