Protective Services

The Village of Sussex Corner is fortunate to have available the following forms of protective service to ensure the safety and wellbeing of not only the citizens but all who visit or pass through our community.

Police service is provided by the RCMP with a local detachment located on Leonard Drive in the Town of Sussex. The force includes a number of officers and members as well as a Community Programs Officer who promotes safety through educational and outreach programs. The RCMP also offer a DARE Program in the local elementary school which addresses the many challenges faced by the young students on a daily basis. This interactive program encourages the children to speak out and discuss the pressures they face in hopes that the sound advice and support of the RCMP facilitator will help them deal with their concerns.

Fire service is provided by the Sussex Volunteer Fire Department under the auspices of the Town of Sussex. The Department has a long running history of providing quality fire and rescue service to not only the Town of Sussex and the Village of Sussex Corner but also to other neighboring communities through mutual aid arrangements.

Emergency health services are available at the Sussex Health Centre (local hospital) located on Leonard Drive in the Town of Sussex. Ambulances are also on call (24/7) locally to address emergencies and or transport patients to and from the local Health Centre and other medical facilities in the province. A number of doctors, dentists and other health care professionals can be found in the greater Sussex Corner area. If you are new to the area and you’re without a family physician you can register by calling 811 or by clicking HERE.

Animal Control – The Village requires all dogs to be tagged.  The tags are available at the Village Office for $5 when proof of immunization is provided and need to be renewed each year.  The New Brunswick SPCA is responsible for animal control in the Village of Sussex Corner.  If you find a dog roaming free, and they have a blue tag you can contact the Village office 433-5184 to help find the owner.  If you should have any issues with cats and/or dogs, you can contact the New Brunswick SPCA or call 1-877-722-1522.

The Village is developing an Emergency Measures Organization to address situations of mass emergency such as flooding events, contamination, severe storms, etc. The EMO will be comprise of the members of Village Council, Village Staff, representatives of key emergency organizations (e.g. fire, police) and community volunteers. Anyone interested in serving as an EMO volunteer should contact the Village Office.

The NewBrunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NB EMO) co-ordinates preparedness for emergencies. At the federal, provincial and municipal levels, planning is the key to emergency preparedness. A well established and tested emergency plan helps to ensure a prompt and co-ordinated response by responsible agencies in a time of crisis. NB EMO also co-ordinates provincial response operations during emergencies and administers disaster financial assistance programs.