The Village of Sussex Corner has many small parks which serve a variety of functions.


Sullivan Park

Sullivan Park is the hub of the Village’s recreational activities.  The park is home to a playground, basketball court, barbeque pits, an outdoor rink, and the starting point to the walking trails.  The park host Canada Day events, the Village’s Winter Carnival, and numerous other functions.  With old feel charm and scenic natural surroundings the park is an ideal spot to kick off or wrap up your recreational activities.

Location: 1225 Post Road, Sussex Corner, NB

Sullivan Park

This green space serves as a sub-division meeting place and playground.  With picnic tables, an open field, and play structures this park is a large selling feature for the Cunningham Subdivision.

Location: Allison Drive, Sussex Corner, NB

Pleasant Valley Park

Pleasant Valley Park playground serves the families living in the Skyline Subdivision and has lots of open space and play structures.  Many youth can often be seen climbing the structures or hitting pop flies in this great park.

Location: Skyline Avenue, Sussex Corner, NB