Sussex Corner is proud of their rural roots and will take every opportunity to show it. It shows up in the Annual Winter Carnival and in the yearly Canada Day and New Brunswick Day festivities.

Sussex Corner Winter Carnival 2017

Sussex Corner Winter Carnival will return in 2017.  The date has been set for February 11th from 1-4 pm.  Please check back often to see more activities added to the day's events. 

Sussex Corner Winter Carnival 2009

This Carnival was rejuvenated in 2009 when the addition of the Sussex Corner Cup Outdoor Hockey Tournament and winter time fireworks brought in record crowds to Sullivan Park. Games, snowman and snow sculpture competitions, food, and entertainment makes this winter weekend carnival the best winter carnival in Kings County.

Volunteer Recognition Awards

Sussex Corner hosted their first "Volunteer Recognition Awards" night and
below are the people that were recognized.

Left to Right: Mayor Steve Gillies, Dale Reicker, Danny Webster, Dr.
Basil Blanchard, Joan Miller


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