The Village of Sussex Corner is a rural Village with a very natural surrounding. The cold running Trout Creek and the scenic ridges surrounding the Village provide it with an environment that is well worth protecting. Council and staff have taken steps to do just that.  We explain some of those steps found below:



Regional Development Planning

Good planning is essential to the development of any municipality and for the protection of the natural surroundings.  The Village of Sussex Corner is one of the largest stakeholders of the Regional Service Commission 8.   The RSC8 is given the task of working with Council to develop a viable and environmentally responsible development plan while also working and educating Village residents about the legalities of the plan.
If you have questions regarding home renovations, construction, or land use please contact the Regional Service Commission 8.

Waste Management

The Village of Sussex Corner utilizes a 3 Bag System: Blue, Clear & Green. This Recycling Program was implemented and is managed by the Regional Service Commission 8 Waste and is picked up in the Village as long as it is sorted into a Blue bag, Clear bag and Green bag. A contractor with a split truck currently picks up garbage on Thursday. Please CLICK HERE for the breakdown.  RSC8 Collection schedule CLICK HERE

For any further garbage inquiries, plese visit them at the following links:

Website: Regional Service Commission 8

Facebook: Regional Service Commission 8

Drinking Water Supply Protection

Canada has a rich supply of drinking water and yet it is continually under threat.  The Village has taken careful steps to adequately protect their groundwater supply wells through the establishment of a “Designated Wellfield Protection Area (WPA).”  Through public consultation and provincial government direction, the Village established two designated wellfield protection zones.  Restrictions on land use and development in this three layered zone will help protect the Village’s drinking water now and into the future.  This will help residents of today feel safe while insuring our ability to grow in the future.



Watershed Restoration

The Village is a strong supporter of the Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee.  Council has an appointed member on this valuable, resource conservation, and monitoring group and often provided important feedback and insight as this group works towards its goal of restoring the natural conditions of the Kennebecasis River.